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Luke O'Malley vol 1

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Hornpipe One title Only 1 transcription Has some stepwise movement minor C D 4/4 Has source text No chords explore more...


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T: Saint Johnston's
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
S: Luke O'Malley vol 1
Z: B.Black
R: hornpipe
K: Cm
(3GA=A | BGeB =AecA |  BGeB =AecA | Bcdc BAGA |\
(3BcB AF E2 (3GA=A |
BGeB =AecA |  BGeB =AecA | Bcdc BAGF |1 (3EGB (3eBG E2 :|
|2 (3EGB (3DFA E2 ed || cdef gc c2 | agfa gc c2 |\
(3ded G2 (3ded G2 |
(3G,=B,D (3GBd gfed | cdef gc c2 | agfa gc c2 |\
(3ded G2 (3ded (3G=Bd |1 gfed c2 ed :|2 gfed c4 ||
P: version in D minor
K: Dm
(3AB=B | cAfc =BfdB |  cAfc =BfdB | cded cBAB |\
(3cdc BG F2 (3AB=B |
cAfc =BfdB |  cAfc =BfdB | cded cBAG |1 (3FAc (3fcA F2 :|
|2 (3FAc (3EGB F2 fe || defg ad d2 | bagb ad d2 |\
(3efe A2 (3efe A2 |
(3A,^CE (3Ace agfe | defg ad d2 | bagb ad d2 |\
(3efe A2 (3efe (3A^ce |1 agfe d2 fe :|2 agfe d4 ||

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