Folk tune finder is a melody search engine

If you've got a tune in your head and you can't remember what it is, you can type a few notes into folk tune finder and hopefully get a result. By default your search will match the start of the tune, but if you can only remember then end, you can broaden it out to match anywhere. If you don't know the key it doesn't matter - you can search in any key.

If you know the title of what you're looking for you can type the title in.

Folk tune finder is a collection of ABC tunes

Around the world and around the web, people transcribe tunes in ABC format. Folk tune finder trawls the web looking for them and collects them. You can see the ABC for every tune on every page.

For more information about ABC, visit

Folk tune finder is a music research tool

There are lots of different pieces of information that you can get out of a tune, some of them unexpected. You can browse it all on the detailed search page.

Tunes with lots of different transcriptions are grouped together. Tunes are known by different names in different places. Because they're grouped, you can find alternative titles for tunes. You can also find different versions of the same tune by browsing the list of transcriptions.

Give it a go!