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Often misattributed to Jimmy Shand

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Shottish, hornpipe Only 1 transcription Has some stepwise movement major C F B 4/4 Has notes text Has chords explore more...


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X: 1
T: Siamsa Beirte
T: Blue-Bell Polka
C: Frank Stanley
N: Often misattributed to Jimmy Shand
R: shottish, hornpipe
B: Kerr's "Merry Melodies" v.1 p.51 (1875) (no credits)
D: Jimmy Shand
D: James Brown, "Little Pet (Caledonian Polka)" 1911
D: James Morrison, Columbia, 1935
D: Mickey Carton, Copley, in the 1950s
Z: John Chambers <>
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: F
(3Acf \
"G"|: "F"a2a2 "B"fefd | "F"c2c2 A2F2 |1,3 "C7"EFGA B2d2 | "F"dc=Bc A2 (3Acf \
                                    :|2,4 "C7"EFGA Bcde | "F"f2f2"fine"f2z2 :|
K: C
"A"|: "C"G2G2 EGce | g2g2 e3e |1,3 "G7"g2^fg =f2d2 | "C"a2g2 ^f2g2 \
                             :|2,4 "G7"g2_g2  f2d2 | "C"c2e2c2z2 :|
K: B
"B"|: "B"d2d2 def2 | d2d2 def2 |1,3 "F7"e2e2 ecA2 | edef edA2 \
                              :|2,4 "F7"e2e2 ecAc | "B"B2B2B2z2 :|
%%sep 0 1 8cm

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