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Original clef, C on third line

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T:5. Lachrim\ae Coact\ae
C: John Dowland
O: From Lachrim\ae, or Seaven Teares figured in Seaven Passionate Pavans, with divers other Pavans, Galiards, and Almands, set forth for the Lute, Viols or Violons, in five parts
%%MIDI nobarlines
%%MIDI ratio 3 1
N: Original clef, C on third line
K:Amin -8va
%%MIDI transpose -12
c3 B c d e2 f2 z e e > d c > c B4 A c2 c c4 A4 z A B2 G2 A4 d2 d3 c B e2 d/ c/ B A B2 A8 ||
B4 B2 B2 ^c3 c ^F2 B2 E4 e2 c d e d/ c/ B c d2 c > B A e A2 A4 z d e2 d3 B B6 B2 B8 ||
g2 f2 e2 d2 c3 B/ A/ B3 B c3 B A2 B2 c2 d3 c B2 A2 d e f e2 d/ c/ d2 d2 c > d e3 B c d2 c B2 HA8 |]

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