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X: 1
T: Y'varech'cha
M: C
L: 1/8
Z: 2003 John Chambers <>
K: Dm
[| "Dm"D>A, DF A3 A | "Gm"GB (AG) "Dm"D3 D | "Dm"FF DF "Gm"GG (FD) | "Dm"F6 z2 |
w: Y'-va-re-ch'-cha Ha-shem mi-tsi-*yon ur'-\"e b'-tuv Y'-ru-sha-la-*yim
| "Dm"D>A, DF A3 A | "C"cB (AG) "Dm"D4 | FF DF "A7"G(A/G/) (FE) | "Dm"D6 z2 ||
w: y'-va-re-ch'-cha Ha-shem mi-tsi-*yon kol y'-m\"e y'-m\"e cha-*ye-*cha
|: "Dm"A2 d2 A2 d2 | "D7"cB (AB) "Gm"G4 | "C7"(Bc/B/ G)B d(e/d/) (cB) | "F"A4- "A7"A4 |
w: ur'-\"e va-nim l'-va-ne-*cha sha-**lom al Yis-*ra-*\"el
| "Dm"(AB/A/) (FA) "D7"(cd/c/) (BA) \
|1 "Gm"d2 B2 A2 G2 | "Dm"(FG A)F "C7"G(A/G/) (FG) | "F"A4- "A7"A4 :|
w: ur'-**\"e* va-**nim* l'-va-ne-cha sha-**lom al Yis-*ra-*\"el
|2 "Gm"G2 d2 B2 G2 | "Dm"(FG A)F "A7"G(A/G/) (FE) | "Dm"D8 |]
w: l'-va-ne-cha sha-**lom al Yis-*ra-*\"el.

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