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X: 214
T: Dancing Bear, The
C: R-116
C: Bob McQuillen  2/22/78
M: C|
Z: Transcribed to abc by Mary Lou Knack
R: reel
K: Em
"C"EFGF EFGF| EFGA B2e2| "B7"B2Bc BAGF| "Em"G2E2 E4 :|
"Em"e2ef gfef| gfe2 e4| "A"e2ef gfef| gfe2 e4|
"C"e2ef gfef| gfe2 e2dc| "B7"BABc BcBA| "Em"GFE2 E4 :|
%%begintext ragged
%% I have a wonderful friend who is a Bear named Oso and this tune is for him
%% because he likes it. Barry Nielson likes it too, and so its for him, too, with
%% love from Mac.
%% 9/1/98

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