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:2nd Setting


1782 O'Neill's Music of Ireland

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Hornpipe Only 1 transcription Has lots of stepwise movement Has some stepwise movement major A 2/2 Has source text Has notes text No chords explore more...


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X: 1782
T: Ace and Deuce of Pipering, The
T: Aon 's Do Na Pipbaireacda
C:"collected by Hartnett"
S:1782 O'Neill's Music of Ireland
N::2nd Setting
B:O'Neill's 1782
Z:Transcribed by Robert Thorpe (
c>B|B>AA>G A2 A>A|B>AA>G A2 A>B|(3cBA d>B (3cBA d>B|(3cBA d>B c2 (3Bcd|
e>ef>d e>ef>d|e>gf>d edBf|~g2-ge ~f2-f>d|e2 f>d e>dB>d|
c>Ad>B c2 B>A|G>AB>c d2 c>B|A2 a2 g>ed>B|[1 G>AB>c d2:|[2 A2 AA A2||
|:c>B|B>AA>G A2 A>A|B>AA>G A2 A>c|B2 g2 f2 g2|B2 g>a g>fe>d|
e2 a2 a/-b/-a/-g/ a>g|e2 a>b a>ge>d|B2 g2 f2 g>f|e>ag>b a2 a>b|
c'>ab>g b2 e>d|c>Ad>B c2 B>A|G>AB>c d>cd>B|A2 b>f g>ed>B|
[1 G>AB>c d2:|[2 A2 A>A A2|
|:c>B|B>AA>G A2 A>A|B>AA>G A2 A>c|B2 g2 f>ed>B|(3cBA d>B c2 (3Bcd|
e2 f2 e>dB>d|(3cBA d>B c2 B>A|g2 g>e f>ed>f|e>gf>d e>dB>d|
(3cBA d>B c2 B>A|G>AB>c d>cd>B|A2 a>f g>ed>B|[1 G>AB>c d2:|[2 A2 A>A A2||

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