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Jig Only 1 transcription Has lots of stepwise movement Has some stepwise movement minor B 6/8 Has source text No chords explore more...


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X: 52
T: Aaron`s
T: Aaaron`s Key
K:B minor
F2 B Bcd |c2 A ABc |d2 B Bcd |edc BAG |F2 B Bcd |c2 A ABc |
dcd ede |fdB BAG |F2 B Bcd |c2 A ABc |d2 B Bcd  |efd efg|
fff fed | c2 A ABc | dcd ede | fdB B2 c :|
ddd def |ecA a2 g |fff fed |cec ABc|BAB cBc |dcd ede|
|fed cBA |BBB B2 c |ddd def |ecA a2 g |fff fed |cec ABc | 
BAB cBc |dcd ede |fed cBA | BBB BAG ||

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