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My notebooks - forgotten where I got it

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T:Bonawe Highlanders, The
C:Pipe Major John McColl
S:My notebooks - forgotten where I got it
Z:Nigel Gatherer
e|:A>ce e>cA|e>dc c>Bc|A>ce e>cA|B>AB c2 A|A>ce e>cA|c>BA a2 e|
f<af ecA|B>AB c2 A::a3 a2 e|faf e>cA|a3 a2 e|f<ag f2 e|
f>ef fec|ABc a2 e|f<af e>cA|B>AB c2 A::cBc A>AA|e>cA c>BA|
cBc A>AA|B>AB c2 A|cBc A>AA|e>cA a2 e|f<af ecA|B>AB c2 A:|
a>ea =g>fe|f<af e>cA|a>ea =g>fe|f<ag f2 e|f>ef f>ec|
A>Bc a2 e|f<af e>cA|B>AB c2 A|a>ea =g>fe|f<af e>cA|
a>ea =g>fe|f<ag f2 e|a>AA c>BA|A>Bc a2 e|f<Af e>cA|B>AB c2 A|]

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